In my many years of crappie and walleye fishing this is the jig body I have always wanted.”

Elden Bailey

My name is Elden Bailey. I was born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas. I’m 63 years old and have enjoyed fishing since I caught my first fish at the age of 5. I have participated in many crappie and walleye tournaments and was the host of my own, live, 30 minute radio show for 12 years in Lawrence. I have appeared on television shows, sport shows, and at seminars. Over the years, I have also helped write over 500 magazine and newspaper articles about fishing.

Fishing has always been a challenge to me. I have fished hard for many hours in many states for all varieties of freshwater fish. I have used every type of lure and bait ever made. My opinion of the lures on the market today is that a jig is the most versatile and universal kind of lure out there. I have used every type and style of jig and caught every species of freshwater fish on every one of them. If I had only one lure to use for the rest of my life, it would have to be a jig. I decided that I wanted a jig to call my own, so I designed and manufactured something a little different and called it the Bailey Magnet.